Perrier: marketing and advertising

From the thirties to the eighties

Perrier has always try to have attractive advertising campaign. That’s why the brand always works with very famous painters like Andy Warhol or photographers like Jean-Paul Goude.

The main care of the brand for this advertisements is the beauty of the image and sometimes the play on words. Perrier wants to be a young brand, dynamic and attractive.These efforts on advertising begins since the thirties, at the moment when the first advertising agencies birth. Perrier asked the help of famous writers like Colette, Paul Valery or Jean Giono.Unfortunately, during the Second World War, the brand had to stop its advertising campaign but after this dark period, the new posters of Perrier are more and more coloured and joyful.The brand image of Perrier is the humour and the creativity. During a very long time the slogan of the brand was : “Perrier, c’est fou”.

The brand is also very famous in the USA and in its American advertising campaign, the brand try to be closer to this country. That’s why Perrier diffused advertisement with a particular style like New York style or Louisiana colours.

Perrier is also a brand very closer to the sport, and they impart on this subject. They create campaign dealing with the efforts and the performance.


advetisement of the 30’s

avdertisement 1930

Two crisis, two success

After the Second world war, the firm Perrier has difficulties to improve its sales. In spite of the work done by Sir John ( dead in 1933 ), his heirs don’t manage to raise the company. That’s the reason why they decided to sell it in 1947.

The company is bought by Gustave Leven. He decided to modernize the production and to invest money in an advertising campaign. It’s the beginning of the Perrier’s advertisement style.

The brand can be seen on all the medias supports. The aim for the company is to sale a product appreciated by a large part of consummers.
The image of the little bottle is more and more known. The company launch a new range of soft drink called “Pshitt” and give out Pepsi-Cola for the French market.
In 1976 Perrier penetrate the American market. In ten years, it became one of the most famous mineral water imported in the USA.
In 1980 Perrier becomes the official partner of Roland Garros tournament. It becomes the first world-wild firm of mineral water.
But in 1990, the company has to face in a crisis : some benzene traces are found in twelve bottles selling in the USA. The company decided to destroy all bottles sold on the American market and in others European countries. On the whole 280 billions of bottles are destroyed in less than a week.
Ten days later, Perrier comes back on the international market with a new advertising campaign : “Perrier pleure…de joie”

A luxury water

mark_20_visuel01.gif  At the begining of the XXth century, Sir John decided to adopt a new strategy to improve the sales of Perrier’s water in England. He promoted the little bottle as a luxury product. He insisted on the smartness of the water and he wanted to make it a symbol of the party, like champagne. News advertisements are created, on them you could read : “Perrier, le champagne des eaux de table.”  He succed : quickly Perrier becomes the supplier of the King.            

To begin, let’s have few History…

For the topic of my blog, I’ve chosen the brand Perrier because to me it is a good representation of what is a marketing strategy.
The gas mineral water nowadays called Perrier, comes from a spring setting in the south of France, near the city of Nîmes in a place called Vergèze.
It was discovered by the Romans who used to drink it regularly.
At the 19th century it was called Boulliens because it seemed to boil when it gush from the ground.
Later a French doctor declared that this water has curative characteristics.
Quickly, the little town of Vergèze turned into a famous spa.
Few years later a doctor from Nîmes, Louis Perrier becomes the owner of the spring and of the spa. Because of the quality of the water he decides to commercial it in bottle. The source is nationally considered as having an interest for the population’s health.
A young English, Sir John, becomes the shareholder of the little firm and helped to create the “Compagnie de la source Perrier” in 1906.
In 1936, Jean Dommergue creates the fist advert of Perrier pointing out a “Perrier girl”.
It is the beginning of a long marketing strategy for the brand…


My blog is going to deal with the marketing and advertising of Perrier, the famous gas mineral water. I will try to explain how the brand  developed her image in the time.